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Georgie by TheSilliestPie-Ever Georgie :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 10 10 Prototypes for sale. ( give this 2 days ) by TheSilliestPie-Ever Prototypes for sale. ( give this 2 days ) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 3 29 axe #9 (Lemme smash) by TheSilliestPie-Ever axe #9 (Lemme smash) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 6 9 Random Shipping ( John and Newborn ) by TheSilliestPie-Ever Random Shipping ( John and Newborn ) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 10 46 axe #8 (too hard for a baby) by TheSilliestPie-Ever axe #8 (too hard for a baby) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 2 33
The Fight for Net neutrality
(I've collected info from other people and some YouTube videas, and the comments)
Net neutrality is the thing that allows us to do what we want on the internet. Yes, there are some flaws with it but that doesn't mean we should completely destroy it. The FCC and greedy companies want it gone. They want you to pay for what you'd like to see. Besides, our every movement on the internet shouldn't be tracked by the FCC or the "government". Now this is an issue. They'd be causing more issues rather than solving them. For example;
Youtubers- They make a profit on doing what they love best. Like playing games or creating blogs, animation memes and so on.
Teachers- They use PowerPoint or some other website to  format their plans for that class.
Us, Deviantart- Us..All of us will be impacted too. People come together here to put their art online, share their skills. Make new friends and many more.
It's a stupid idea to ban Net neutrality. Wouldn't it be illegal to take away our freedom of s
:iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 9 45
 Random Shipping ( Mikey and Brandon) by TheSilliestPie-Ever Random Shipping ( Mikey and Brandon) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 10 46 PEEP SQUAD by TheSilliestPie-Ever PEEP SQUAD :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 10 35
Enslaved by his own race (W.I.P. STORY)
George woke up on his bed. He looked around and grudgingly got up out of bed.
As usual he'd go to the bathroom and release the waste he built up
Over night. It was a bit too quiet for him. George didn't care as it was almost as quiet.
After having the thought of " something might be wrong" , he heads downstairs to the kitchen.
George: Mommy? Is breakfast ready?
Lillian: yes dear. It's almost done.
She'd make the usual, blueberry waffles with eggs and bacon, hand it to him, and be done with
her life. Lillian set the plate down on the table and George wouldn't finish his food. His
appetite was always small. As George ate his food his mother sat down.
Lillian: have to see and meet your father.
George: NOOOO!!
He runs in to his bedroom and locks the door. Xavier, his older brother, knocks on the door.
Xavier: Boy it's time for you to go play in the park. Your friends are waiting.
George: okay...
He unlocks the door and leaves the room.
Xavier: C'mon.
:iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 4 0
Skin walker(Mature content for some reason?) by TheSilliestPie-Ever
Mature content
Skin walker(Mature content for some reason?) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 4 33
Hiatus by TheSilliestPie-Ever Hiatus :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 7 0 look at this poor doggo by TheSilliestPie-Ever look at this poor doggo :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 10 47 Axe #7 by TheSilliestPie-Ever Axe #7 :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 5 3 Bootiful by TheSilliestPie-Ever Bootiful :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 8 0 Axe #6 (Dance ) by TheSilliestPie-Ever Axe #6 (Dance ) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 6 85 Axe #5 (Orange) by TheSilliestPie-Ever Axe #5 (Orange) :iconthesilliestpie-ever:TheSilliestPie-Ever 6 10


Falling into despair- Solar Sands Fanart by ArtFromMyPhone Falling into despair- Solar Sands Fanart :iconartfrommyphone:ArtFromMyPhone 5 0
[Tagged] Interview (Ft. Cream!)
Tagged by :iconAcademian:
1. Choose OC or Yourself
2. Answer all questions [If you don't know, just write: I don't know]
3. Tag as many people you want
4. This may help you with getting information.
Cream: ??
1. Your full name and nickname?
Cream: My name is just Cream :3
2. Your age?
Cream: I'm 17 ^w^
3. Your favorite things?
Cream: My friends, My brother, Fighting, Playing, AND MORE STUFF!!
4. Your hated things?
Cream: The Devil, People being mean, someone hurting my friends or brother, and other stuff
5. Who you want to be in future?
Cream: I really don't know.. 
6. Any friends?
7. Crush?
Cream: Nope!
8. Crushers?
Cream: I'm not sure
9. Worst nightmare/dream?
Cream: I don't want to talk about it...
10. Your favorite nightmare/dream?
Cream: My favorite dream is when I dreamed that I killed the Devil!
Me: how was that?
Me: good to hear -w-
I'll tag...
:icondanielaprotm:DanielaProTM 2 0
i've got debts.. by This-Side-Of-HeIl i've got debts.. :iconthis-side-of-heil:This-Side-Of-HeIl 3 0 Me and bonas rp by WolfiezSlasher Me and bonas rp :iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 4 9 Autumn is great.. by Djrainbowgirl10 Autumn is great.. :icondjrainbowgirl10:Djrainbowgirl10 11 17 I want to be stabbed now-  by Djrainbowgirl10 I want to be stabbed now- :icondjrainbowgirl10:Djrainbowgirl10 14 47 (Draw the squad!) a movie night-  by Djrainbowgirl10 (Draw the squad!) a movie night- :icondjrainbowgirl10:Djrainbowgirl10 12 19 Sweet, Sweet Demon... -Contest Entry- by TheWilliamsProject Sweet, Sweet Demon... -Contest Entry- :iconthewilliamsproject:TheWilliamsProject 7 4 This is monster scout~ by WolfiezSlasher This is monster scout~ :iconwolfiezslasher:WolfiezSlasher 4 41 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone by CuteKawaiiBrandon Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :iconcutekawaiibrandon:CuteKawaiiBrandon 3 0 A Demon's Sorrow Act I - Pg 6 by KittyComics A Demon's Sorrow Act I - Pg 6 :iconkittycomics:KittyComics 20 5 I AM A CONVERSATION by Cheppoly I AM A CONVERSATION :iconcheppoly:Cheppoly 1,154 34 Sketch of John  by SweetCrazyPop Sketch of John :iconsweetcrazypop:SweetCrazyPop 4 9
merry thanksgiving
what am i thankful for? UM... EVERYTHING I GUESS!
like having a warm house and stuff and not losing all my limbs and all that general stuff but i'm also super thankful for the people who are nice to me and actually want to talk to me and ask me about my OCs and stuff they're the real MVPs (although unfortunately i'm... drawing a little bit of a blank for names and i don't really want to make anyone uncomfortable by tagging them jsjshsjhj) and i'm also happy i HAVENT killed myself from depression yet it's cool i get to live to eat more stuffing
:iconleviassman:leviassman 1 1
Bendy Knock knock by PukoPop Bendy Knock knock :iconpukopop:PukoPop 75 8 Ask #3 by Rabi-Star Ask #3 :iconrabi-star:Rabi-Star 10 6


:icondreamx4: :iconsweetcrazypop: :iconreal-daddy-skull: :iconleviassman: :iconbelathecat2004: :iconfade-me: :iconbaitustudios: :iconcutekawaiibrandon:



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Was spinach always spicy? It's either the hot sauce that carried over to the spinach or its just the spinach



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Example of a prototype;
Prototype family(WIP) Should I take this down too? by TheSilliestPie-Ever
George has thought about this for a while and he finally made up his mind. He's going to be selling his prototypes and betas. He's listed the price of them. He's they go by value.
Category D: Wise, elderly prototypes that have ceased function. Basically, defective. But with a few tweaks here and there, you can get this one in a updated format

Category C: Small child like prototypes that have the mindset and behavior of a child. If you've wanted to care for a child then you can! But except some of them have special equipment that you need to be extra careful with

Category B: Teen like prototypes that have slightly advanced functions and weaponry. George is a bit hesitant with selling these so they're a bit pricey.

Category A: Adult like prototypes that are advanced. Almost everything about them has all standards combined to perfection. Weaponry. Defibrillators, you name it they have most of it. They aren't as expensive as the Betas.

Category D: 5 pts
Category C: 10 pts
Category B: 15 pts
Category A: 20 pts

Basically the same as descriptions apply here but most of the kinks are worked out of their systems. They passed through multiple stages just to get here. So let's give them some love before they fall apart like one of the prototypes. But they aren't categorized like the others...sorta. they are given specific numbers for example;
Beta 5-1B and 5-2B
Look on the bright side some might come in pairs due to the way George programmed them.

Beta 1-10 D: 10 pts
Beta 1-10 C: 20 pts
Beta 1-10 B: 30 pts
Beta 1-10 A: 40 pts

  • Listening to: Depression
  • Reading: Anxiety
  • Watching: People like my shitty digital art instead
  • Playing: Of the actual better art
  • Eating: Idk
  • Drinking: Idk


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United States
Hi. I like to draw Art and be lazy. I'm a pretty relaxed person. You can chat with me and role-play. Just as long as it doesn't make me uncomfortable.
It's hard to pin point my favorite food and drinks but what ever.
Here's my OC:
YASS QUEEN by Shyren101(click on it if you'd like to see the animation)
:iconshyren101: that precious gem, made her animation for me. I am extremely grateful. I don't know what else to put here. This'll be updated soon.


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